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With a population of over 261 million, Indonesia is the largest homogenous consumer market in Southeast Asia. This allows start-ups the chance to scale to a meaningful size domestically before venturing abroad. Indonesia is a good training ground for start-ups, as they must navigate the complex social, political and population issues at play to refine their business models. Tackling the worst-case scenarios here means start-ups undergo a smoother transition when they branch out to foreign, more established markets. (east Venture (

Indonesia besides India, has grown rapidly as ever before, and each years, The ministry of Economic creative, has reported a new 2000-3000 start up in early stages that born in Indonesia, and with growth in region of 3-5% start-up go to next step, a funding step. That affirms manifestation start-up In Indonesia on the right track.

Decacorn like Go-jek, and next Tokopedia are lead the start-up race and inherited more than 30% of online customer In Indonesia, and also our new start-up “Kopi Kenangan”, the first non franchise coffee chain that just raised his value by USD 109 Million dollars from Serries B on Covid-19 outbreak season.


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With plentiful resources in Indonesia and also million user in Indonesia, that would’ve be right that Indonesia is a place to grow up or testing your start-up. Thereby create a legal entities such as PT, CV or foreign own corporate (PMA) in Indonesia, working with Local and international venture capital, research market and also have corporate lawyer and financial advisor would be an advantages.

The embodiment of future start up hold a major indicator to maintain sustainability on country’s development business system, we could see a Silicon Valley in USA compare with kemang Valley in Indonesia, with large of national start-up.

We see opportunities in the next wave of direct-to-consumer companies, and we expect the opportunity to grow yet further through an organic environment among private investors. We look forward to exciting times ahead as the adoption of new trends picks up the pace.

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The growing start-up, which also venture capital in Indonesia like peer to peer lending platform, Investree. Could bring more and more prospective early stage newcomer and investor in this industry, the Industry that would grow in the next future.

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