Why you should have business in Indonesia

1.The World’s 10th Biggest Economy and the Largest one in South East Asia.

It is not such a secret anymore that Indonesia is regarded as one of the most emerging markets throughout the world

2. Favorable Business Culture

Once you set up a company in Indonesia and finally build an office, the initial impression you could feel is the unusual yet vibrant atmosphere.

3.Foreign Investors Can Own Land

Foreign Entrepreneurs can legally own land in Indonesia for three purposes: To build (Hak Guna Bangunan), To cultivate (Hak Guna Usaha) and To use (Hak Pakai).

4.English Speaking Business Environment

More than 700 languages are spoken in Indonesia, and whilst the majority use Indonesian, the good news is that the business world adopts the English language.

5. Domestic Market

As the 4th biggest population in the world, more than 53% of the people live in urban areas with a modern lifestyle and increasing purchasing power

6. Working Immediately with an Investor KITAS

If you are a foreign investor who is going to fill the positions of a shareholder and a director or a commissioner, an Investor KITAS is available for you and the good news is, this stay permit allows you to work right away.

7. Other than Business, Many Cool Spots to Enjoy Vacation

Living in Indonesia is not just about focusing on business or fixing the marketing target. When the holiday comes, be sure to schedule a vacation so that you can beat your fatigue.


Requirements of Building Foreign Owned Company in Indonesia

  • For a Foreign Company to operate in Indonesia, it should consist of at least one director and one commissioner (one of which must be an Indonesian), and two shareholders (can be foreign or local individuals or corporations, or a combination of both).
  • Requires at least IDR 10 billion (USD 750,000) capital investment, with the paid-up capital amounting to 25% of the total capital.
  • Except for Jakarta, a domicile letter is still required for company registration in Indonesia. It is important to know that a residential address is strictly prohibited to carry out a business in Indonesia.

How to build Company in Indonesia

Apply via the OSS is required to obtain the NIB and other relevant licenses. In short, the process is as follows:

  • Approval of company name: It should consist of three words that are not vulgar or obscene.
  • Deed of Incorporation: it should include an Article of Association, and a notary must be present.
  • Approval of legal entity: After submission of Deed of Incorporation by the notary, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights will give approval.
  • Registration of Tax ID (NPWP): A valid NPWP is required for securing other company’s licenses, banking activities, and fulfilling tax obligations.
  • Domicile Letter: Required to show the location of your business.
  • Application of NIB: A unique company profile number that guarantees an immediate operation, provided that no additional licenses are needed.
  • Application of other licenses: Depending on the business sector, additional licenses such as commercial license and tourism license may be required before operation.

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