About trademark in Indonesia

What do you mean by brand?

trademark is a sign that can be displayed graphically in the form of an image, logo, name,word, letter, number, color arrangement, in the form of 2 (two) dimensions and / or 3 (three) dimensions, sound, hologram, or a combination of 2 (two) ) or more of these elements to separate goods and / or services produced by persons or legal entities in the trading of goods and / or services.


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What is the function of using the brand?


  • Identification of product by a person or several people together or a legal entity and to differentiate with the production of another person or other legal entity;
  • Promotional tools, so as to promote their product simply by introduce the brand instead
  • Guarantee of the quality of the goods;
  • Indicator of origin of goods / services produced.


The function of trademark registration


If your trademark been registered, you can have :


  • Evidence that the product is under your name as it already registered;
  • The basis of rejection for another Mark which is the same as your mark
  • The basis for preventing others from using the same brand in its entirety or the same in circulation for similar goods / services.


Type of brand which cannot be registered?


  • contrary to state ideology, statutory regulations, morality, religion, decency, or public order;
  • the same as, relating to, or only mentioning the goods and / or services for which registration is requested;
  • contains elements that can mislead the public about the origin, quality, type, size, type, intended use of the goods and / or services being applied for registration or constitute the name of the protected plant variety for similar goods and / or services;
  • contains information that is not in accordance with the quality, benefits, or efficacy of the goods and / or services produced;
  • has no distinguishing power; and / or is a public name and / or symbol of public property.


How long is the legal protection of a registered mark in Indonesia?


Registered marks receive legal protection for a period of 10 years from the date of receipt of the application for registration of the mark concerned and the period of protection can be extended.



Why is important to registered your brand in Indonesia

Your brand must be registered in Indonesia because of Indonesia has 220 million people and 1/3 has ability to use internet which is can use your product, if is not secure enough you can’t sue or ask the people in Indonesia to pay for your service or even they can modify or copy your brand name

We can help you registered your product in Indonesia with fix price and we also can help you secure your brand in Indonesia by remind or even sue people in Indonesia that not buy our product or brand


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