About Copyright

What is Copyright?

Copyright is the exclusive right of the creator that arises automatically based on the declarative principle after a work is realized in tangible form without reducing restrictions in accordance with statutory provisions.

What are Related Rights?

Related rights are rights relating to Copyright which are exclusive rights for performers, phonogram producers, or broadcasters.

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What they Protect:

  • Protected works include:
  • Books, computer programs, pamphlets, appearance (published) written works, and all other written works;
  • Lectures, lectures, speeches and other similar creations;
  • Props made for the benefit of education and science;
  • Songs or music with or without text;
  • Drama or musical drama, dance, choreography, puppetry, and pantomime;
  • Fine art in all forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, calligraphy, sculpture, sculpture, collage and applied arts;
  • Architecture;
  • Map;
  • Batik art (indonesia);
  • Photography;
  • Translations, interpretations, adaptations, pastiche, and other works resulting from the translation.

You must registered it in Indonesia to have the protection from Copy Right Violation

If you want to registered your copyright or want to sue illegal copyright violation, Don’t hesitate to inform us to get better price. our Official copyright consultant will help you.

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