Distinguishing types of land legality status in Indonesia, and how to protect it (Property) Layoffs and Workers and Company Rights amid Covid-19 (Employment).


Webinar 1: Types of Land Legality Status

Wednesday, April 23, 2020 11: 12-12: 30

Present: M. Joko Pranoto, SH, M.Kn

RFP Lawfirm Notary and Partner


Land legality varies, from the 1945 to the present, recognize the types of land legality and procedures for handling them.

Webinar 2: Layoffs and Workers’ and Company Rights in the middle of Co-19
Wednesday 23 April 2020 From 14.00-15.00
Presenters: Fadhly Abdurrahman, SH (Labor Practitioner)
RFP partner lawfirm

In the middle of Pandemic Corona, there are already over 2 million employees and forced to be laid off by the company, the company was forced to lay off because the world is going through economic correction.
Definition of employment contracts and mediation between workers and employers in the middle of the Covid situation 19

Via: Google Hangout


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